Gunsmith Services

Certified Gunsmith

Services Include:

Cleaning & Oil Firearm- $45.00

Boresight- $30.00

Drill & Tap Barrel or Receiver- $32.50

Scope Mounting (including boresight)- $45.00

Installation of Aftermarket Trigger- $50.00

Revolver Action Job- $60.00

1911 Action Job- $65.00

Rifle Trigger Work- $45.00

Installation of Recoil Pad- $45.00

Installation of Butt Plate- $40.00


Any other repairs are $50.00 per hour plus the cost of parts needed, if any.




*If there is a live round of any kind found in the chamber there will be an additional $25.00 charge added to your total. No loaded guns are to be brought in the store at anytime. We do our best to keep you educated and safe, so please be considerate in keeping our staff safe!*

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